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What are Nitrile Gloves and How Are They Effective

What are Nitrile Gloves and How Are They Effective

Nitrile gloves are made from a synthetic rubber polymer and are a leading alternative to latex as they are notably more durable and resistant to chemicals. Nitrile glove is not a natural product made from NBR (nitrile butadiene rubber) used in many different products-aeronautical applications, footwear, adhesives, sealants, sponges and of course gloves. These are the ideal choice for anyone who has to handle potentially hazardous and corrosive chemicals. They are most appropriate for medical environments as they are more puncture-resistant to deal with sharp needles. It eliminates the risk of allergic reactions that many people suffer from latex. Nitrile glove is cheaper than other gloves available. Despite this, it is offering superelasticity and mechanical resistance.

# Benefits

Nitrile gloves fit perfectly on your hands. Confirm the shape of your hand and react to your body temperature to ensure a very comfortable fit.

They are fully waterproof and prevent water permeation. Useful in damp working environments also.

Nitrile gloves have a longer shelf life. They are strong, firm and durable and last for a very long time if stored out of direct sunlight and heat. Earlier, there was a big problem in tactile sensation with Nitrile gloves. Now, with improved techniques, this issue has also been resolved. They offer better touch sensitivity.

Nitrile Gloves are food safe. They are BPA free, latex-free, vinyl-free, MBT free and Phthalate free.

Nitrile gloves are recyclable and biodegradable.


They are used to make medical-grade, food service and all kind of industrial-grade gloves. The Nitrile gloves are appropriate for safety against cuts, bruises, piercing and other minor physical injuries. Perfect to be used in risk-prone work environments, maybe like the automotive or janitorial industry.

For those who are in jobs that include encountering petroleum-based products, then they should choose the nitrile gloves that come up with extra safety.

#To Be Precise

With allergy safety, price stability and improved manufacturing techniques, nitrile will be taking more of the market share from other materials moving forward.

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