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Multi Purpose Wipes, 7 X 7, Lavender, 90-canister, 4 Canisters-carton
Frauke Casey
Multi Purpose Wipes

Very satisfactory for my needs

They are just perfect for my household of three.

Good Product, Excellent Customer Service

The wipes are great and I use them everywhere. I find the bucket size to be cost effective and they're actually small enough to not take up a lot of space.

My original shipment was damaged by UPS, resulting in a repacked, leaking box. I found a damaged container that had cracked and leaked.
Manny was really good about it when I let them know and immediately shipped a replacement bucket.

3M™ N95 Aura™ Particulate Respirator 9205+ - 20 masks

Platinum Liquid Dish Detergent, Refreshing Rain Scent, (3) 24 Oz Bottles Plus (2) Sponges-carton
Bozie Hitchcock
Good product ,good price

Dawn cuts the grease.

1500 Sweet Carefor® Wipes - 75% Alcohol - 6 Buckets/Carton - 250 Wipes/Bucket - FDA approved

Cleancide® Disinfecting Wipes, 8 X 5.5, Fresh Scent, 400-tub, 6 Tubs-carton | 2400 Wipes

Excellent Service & Quality

I’ve been buying my N95 masks from Brooklyn Equipment for over a year and I have always found the quality of them to be superior, as has been their service. Recently, I’ve been receiving their shipments within days of my order. I highly recommend them (and no, I’m not related to them).

Great company, great products,great service

We have been purchasing from them for a couple of years now and have always been more thansatisfied!

KN95 - 5 ply FFP2 facemask with ear loop

The ear loops on face mask is not very durable; breaks easily.

It is very effective at getting rid of odors and disinfecting surfaces, It dries quickly and leave a pleasant scent

too small

large is too tight

3M N95 model 1860 NIOSH - 20 masks

Favorite Masks

I love that we are able to purchase these particular masks in boxes of twenty. Not only do we buy them for ourselves, we are able to have boxes sent directly to family members who need them.

Nitrile gloves

Very durable, quick shipping, reasonable price

Vinyl Gloves - Powder-free - Box of 100 gloves

maybe they are so inexpensive is that they break with just the slightest of tension on the ear clips.

ASTM Level 2 Procedure Mask - 98% filtration - Disposable - Aoshang - pack of 50 - FREE SHIPPING
Marina Torchinsky
Disposable masks level 2

Comfortable to wear

Not as advertised

It showed pictures on web of these masks being true “N95 with ear loop fit” even the pic of head showed it as very misleading and that’s just sad to rob us of money bc it’s not as advertised. I’ve tried a couple of your masks only to be disappointed by how your sight represents these and they even have been expired ones !
I won’t buy masks from here anyone ! Don’t give um to me if they were free otherwise all other products are fabulous and had best customer service experience in the worst part of the pandemic they were here and stocked ! Pricy but so was everyone out there .. peace ☮️ all

Cleancide Disinfecting Wipes, 8 X 5.5, Fresh Scent, 400-tub

The best

I've disposable and reusable ones. These permit me to breathe and use for 1-1 1/2 hours. Since I wear hearing aids, these are especially comfortable and safer than behind the ear loops Yaaaaaay! Hooray! L&B&L

Earloops too tight

I wish the ear loops were longer and adjustable.


We we really like these wipes
But I paid for two day shipping it took six days to get here FYI

Fake 3M Masks

Very unprofessional. Sold me fake 3M Masks. Requested a refund and got no confirmation a refund would be issued. Next stop Better Business Bureau.

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