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Glove Buying Guide - Best Ways to Choose the Right Gloves

Glove Buying Guide - Best Ways to Choose the Right Gloves

Why We Need Gloves?

The trend of gloves started in 16th century by Queen Elizabeth I, she started wearing gloves with rich embroidery and jewels. Glove is a piece of garment which covers the hand of human being every finger and thumb. Thegloves have only one opening and thatis gauntlet.In the current situation gloves have just not been the fashion element but have turned to be the basic safety measure. Gloves can be needed while one is going to the grocery, publicplaces like public transport or parks and theatre where you don’t have the access of soap and water, hand sanitizeror wipes. Another thing that is very much important to note that if you are maintaining a distance of at least 6 feet from people then there is no need to wear gloves as they are needed only if you are coming very close to the contaminated zone.Gloves are used by different people for different purposes and that gives Brooklyn Equipment its purpose of providing variety of the same. Brooklyn is available with Nitrile, Vinyl, Medical, Non-medical(Application), Natural rubber gloves and to be more specific all are powder free.

Which glove is appropriate for the job?

Now that pretty much depends upon the requirement of the individual. Itis very important to remember that no single glove will provide protection against every hazard so it is very important that everyone should know which gloves are suitable for their tasks. Correct selection is important both to remain in compliance and protection.

Chemical protection:

These type of gloves are generally for the protection against chemical exposures and burns that may occur from the chemicals in different form of liquid , powder, vapour or gases. One must make sure it’s Resistance to the chemical. The materials for chemical protection are latex, nitrile, neoprene, polymersor vinyl.

Cut and puncture protection:

The people who are engaged in production assembly or material handling job requires protection against cuts, punctures and abrasion so they may require high levels of dexterity and sensitivity . Their requirement maybe of leather, canvas cotton blend or synthetic materials.

Construction Industry:

The people who are engaged in construction industry may need protection against abrasive surfaces, wood and metal splinters so they may require the gloves which are made of advance fibre, leather and polymers for superior protection against cuts and scraps. Additional protection can be provided by lining the gloves with vibration-dampening gels.

Personal use( PPE):

These are mainly used by the healthcare professionals working in the medical sectors and may be used by people who are in food departments or can be used otherwise for the domestic purposes also. These people require form, application (powder/ non powder) or non-medical type of things

Additional information:

Glove need certain care and inspection on regular basis to avoid the failure. No glove will last longer than few days except for certain which are cost-effective. Change of schedule is an easy and efficient way to ensure gloves will hold up in multiple applications and overuse the single pair. Itis very difficult to determine the lifespan of the gloves so it is mandatory to inspect gloves prior using and replace them immediately if any damage or degradation is found.

Another very important safety measure Is while taking them off and immediately dispose of them. As many people don’t know the proper way to take off the gloves and can contaminate their hands while doing so. Take off the left glove and reach inside the right hand to peel inside out without touching the outside which can take some skill. Avoid touching your face or any body part , and wash your hands after taking them off.


We have discussed about chemical hazards, abrasions, punctures, dexterity, protection. Now one must consider the size and the comfort level of the gloves also. As oversized may slide around on the hands and won’t provide protection and at the same time can be uncomfortable and the person may remove them. One must also go through the fact that how long they would be using them as comfort is more important for longer wear.

For the above Brooklyn Equipment is providing the best available in the market which are:. Easy to put on. Good elastic. No smell. Softness that provide comfort anda natural fit. Ambidextrous. Disposable. No chemical residue. Fits either hand.

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