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10 Important Things You Should Know About Hand Sanitizer

10 Important Things You Should Know About Hand Sanitizer

The best way to prevent infection is to wash hands with soap and water. When not available, then the second-best option is the hand sanitizer. But, before using it, you must know some facts about it.

1. It Can Be Dangerous

Hand sanitizer can be toxic, irritate the lining of the throat when ingested. It is flammable. Therefore, it has to be stored away from sources of ignition. Intake of only a pea size can cause poisoning. According to FDA, if anybody ingests a hand sanitizer, call poison control or a medical professional immediately.

2. Techniques to Use

It works best when used correctly. Apply the recommended amount on the palm of your hand, distribute it all over, especially to the fingertips. Continue until your skin is dry, which may take just 20 seconds. It does kill the virus and most bacteria but only if used appropriately.

3. Cleaning Products are not Sanitizers

Cleaning products can never be the replacement for hand sanitizer. Cleaning wipes or disinfectant sprays are only for nonporous surfaces. Many times, it has also observed, people are confused and unaware about the fact and using them in this way. A report states that one-third of the people in a survey using bleach on food products, applying disinfectant products to the skin, inhaling or ingesting household cleaners. All of which are unsafe and non-recommended high-risk practices.

4. All Hand Sanitizer is not Equal

Sanitizer must contain at least 60% alcohol. Less than that would not work well for many types of germs and could merely reduce their growth rather than kill them outright. The hand sanitizer containing benzalkonium chloride instead of alcohol is not as reliable. We here at Brooklyn Equipment has various sanitizers with alcohol content ranging from 60% to 90%.

5. When to Use

One must use a hand sanitizer in certain situations, like before and after visiting anyone in a hospital. That will reduce the chances of carrying or leaving a bug in and out. It is good to inculcate the habit of using a hand sanitizer, especially when interacting with people having week immune systems. Washing your hands with soap and water is incomparable. Therefore, one must use a hand sanitizer only if one can not get to clean water. That may require a handy bottle, and here we have hand sanitizers in pocket-size bottles with a quantity of 1oz, 2oz and 4oz.

6. Not Clean your Hands, Only Kills Germs

If your hands are visibly dirty, then hand sanitizers do not work on them. Because, believe it or not, they do not clean hands. Only soap and water can clean your hands. On the other hand, sanitizer does kill germs on the skin. Using soap creates friction that loosens the structure of germs and bacteria. When you rinse, those get to wash down the drain. So, washing hands with soap and water are preferred, following a hand sanitizer for the best result.

7. Never Use in Excess

Too often use of a hand sanitizer can cause germs to develop resistance. That will not allow it to work effectively. Keep the environment clean and hygienic will minimise the spread of germs. Use proper cleaning and disinfecting products.

8. 100% Alcohol is More Effective

The most common misconception, and to your surprise, the answer to this is No. That is because pure alcohol would evaporate too quickly to kill viruses on the skin. 100% alcohol would make the skin dry and may irritate. Therefore, most hand sanitizers contain 60% alcohol and emollient elements that soften and moisturise your skin.

9. Do They Get Expired

Alcohol is volatile. It evaporates over time, reducing the efficiency of the hand sanitizer. It has a life shelf of a couple of years if stored properly, However with such high demand in the market. There is very little probability that you may buy an expired one.

10. Is DIY a Good Idea

The answer to that is 'A big No' again. Some formulas may include vodka, which is only 40% alcohol and is not effective at all. Some may involve rubbing alcohol. If you compare soap and hot water to that, then later is a far better option. The production of such a thing should be in the hands of professionals only because the wrong consistency may lead to skin burns and severe allergies. This trend got viral these days to provide a mildness with safety to the kids. We have special Kids Fruit Gel Hand Sanitizer with 68% alcohol content within numerous flavour like lemon, grape, lime, melon, apple, cotton etc.

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