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Disinfection Spray vs Wipes - Pros and Cons in Details

Disinfection Spray vs Wipes - Pros and Cons in Details

Effectively disinfecting your home surroundings and appliances, offices, gym, store, and most significantly, a healthcare facility can be difficult, particularly during this current deadly Covid-19 pandemic. Recently, WHO officials and healthcare workers explained the significance of ensuring that our homes, surroundings, offices, stores, etc., are kept clean and disinfected. Since almost all surfaces can harbor the deadly Coronavirus, we are vulnerable to contracting the virus.

Therefore, it is essential to stock your home, office, store, etc., with adequate and EDA approved disinfecting supplies, such as disinfecting sprays or disinfectant wipes. These products can prevent infection and diseases from spreading by killing the virus. 

Written Below are the Pros and Cons of Disinfecting Spray and Wipes



For many year, sprays and cleaning cloths were the most used disinfectant solutions by companies. They were the standard choice for many firm because compared to other alternatives, spray bottles and cleaning cloths are relatively cheaper.


Spraying liquid on your home computer, speakers, and other home appliances while trying to eliminate deadly germs and viruses is unwise. The fluids can damage appliances, which could be expensive to repair. Hence, most people prefer using wipes instead of disinfecting sprays for cleaning their devices.

Although a disinfecting spray combined with a cleaning cloth is effective and commonly used by many, it has limitations and risks that can have problematic repercussions. In America currently, most companies are already using a 'No Spray' policy. The need for a secured alternative to disinfection is increasing.



According to the American Journal of Infection Control, disinfectant wipes produced more significant results than disinfecting spray.

Regarding gym equipment, it was reported that wipes are more useful for the gym equipment since most recent pieces of cardio equipment possess high operating computers equipped with monitors and entertainment systems. Wipes are also comfortable due to their easy accessibility for the gym users to wipe down equipment before and after their workout.

The U.S. Institute for Antimicrobial Resistance and Infection Control concluded in 2017 that wipes have the highest ATP reduction on surfaces because they are already filled with an accurate ratio of active ingredients researched and tested professionals. Tested and approved wipes help eliminate the risk of harmful chemicals discharged from the spray and inhaled by both the users and the people around.

Disinfection wipes usually come with a dispenser that is easy to use. No additional actions are needed. Since the wipes are meant to be used once, they can decrease the risk of cross-contamination or over-used dirty rags. It also helps in reducing cross-contamination in a sterile environment, like an operating room. Operating rooms usually need disinfection after every use. Also, they offer cleaning with fast kill times, ensuring that the spots are disinfected swiftly.

The Coronavirus caused severe respiratory problems among some patients. Disinfectant wipes don't produce aerosol like spray disinfectants. Also, wipes don't emit mist or dust; they are suitable for cleaning surfaces around people with respiratory issues.

Making use of wipes in high-traffic areas helps keep the environment clean and assists in the further spreading of the virus.

Although disinfectant wipes shouldn't be a complete replacement for professional cleaning, they are incredible for rapidly picking up smaller messes or spills around your facility, workstations, medical and gym equipment after use.


Disinfection wipes can be detrimental to the environment if they are disposed in a toilet. In 2016, the Guardian reported that the number of wipes found along the coastlines has risen by 400% in the last decade. Therefore, it is only safe to properly dispose the disinfection wipes in a bin.

Final Thoughts

The disinfection wipes are the latest solution for sterilization. Although disinfection sprays show the same potency as wipes, they have more disadvantages and limitations. Hence, companies should make more use of wipes because they are not only more efficient but they also reduce risk for both customers and employees. However, they should be properly disposed as stated earlier.

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