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Cleaning And Disinfecting Your Facility or Office

Health is wealth couldn’t have been better implemented than in the case of offices. A sick employee is not only a lagging point for an organization but a liability. The surrounding of the offices must be competitive enough to support long hour schedules and perfect hygiene. A working condition of an office must be top notch to promote employee health.

This leads us to the major question, what should be done to keep our offices safe? In this crucial time of unidentified deadly viruses like COVID it has become significant to keep our surroundings safe.

This can be done through many ways, but the best way is to use office disinfectants. A range of best disinfectants can really get all those deadly germs out of your office in no time. With the cleaning percentage of 99.999%, what else one must need?

8 Best Ideas to Make Office Safer using Disinfectants

Disinfectants can be used to make your offices squeaky clean. However, they can do more than just clean. They can be used to give the surroundings of your workforce an element of higher-grade disinfection if used perfectly. Here are 8 ideas through which you can make the most out of them. To make the optimum strategy, let’s divide the process into two tiers to execute the plan better.

The Cleaning or Disinfecting Plan

A. Before Employees Enter/Once Employees Have Left The Premises

This part of the strategy deals in disinfecting the office before the employees are expected to come to the premises or right after they have left. This will take place in two cycles. The following three steps will be followed firstly in the evening when the employees have left and, in the morning, before they arrive to the workplace.

1. Disinfecting Surfaces Using Color-Coded Cleaning Method

Use liquid disinfectants with rubbing cloth to clean the floors and restrooms of the office. The color-coded cleaning method deals with assigning particular colored-cloth to certain areas of the office to reduce the germ-transference rate throughout the place.

2. Tech-Disinfect

All the tech within the office, inclusive of laptops, desktops and every other appliance should be disinfected either by using disinfecting wipes or other office disinfectants available in the market.

3. Using Disinfectants on High-Touch Surfaces

Use the color-coded cloth available and separate them for high touch surfaces like desks, water dispensers, door knobs, switch boards, boards, and remotes (if any). Use the available disinfectants to clean.

B. During Employees’ Interaction With The Workforce Environment.

4. Disinfecting Entry Booths

Before the employees enter into the office, ask them to pass by the disinfecting entry booth. This booth must be installed to generate gentle humid fumes of disinfectants  through which employees must pass. By passing through these disinfecting booths the germs brought from the outside by the employees can be eliminated.

5. Disinfecting Wipes

Once the employees have settled down, provide them with disinfecting wipes to frequently clean their belongings and their desks (if needed) throughout the day.

6. Disinfecting Sprays

To keep the effect of the disinfectants consistent, circulate a diluted disinfectant spray for the employees to spray on their desks, shoes, and belongings. This will regulate an effect that has a longer and better effect in general.

7. Circulating Sanitizers – Promoting Personal Hygiene With Disinfectants

Circulate hand sanitizers to promote personal hygiene of the employees. Not only that, but the human resource department of your company can also use evidential data in favor of disinfectants by communicating it through workshops or small pitch talks to ensure employee’s personal hygiene awareness and to promote the use of disinfectants in daily life.

8. Consecutive Mops of Disinfectants – The Three Cyclic Break Up

The office floors are the areas that have the maximum expectancy to be exploited by the germs. Thus, it is important that these germs are consecutively swiped with disinfectants. These floors can be mopped every 8-hours break-up about three times a day (morning, evening, night). This will initiate better competencies for the office to fight with the potential diseases.

Summing Up

Our offices are highly exposed with harmful germs each day and we as an organization must ensure that the environment is eligible and safe. Certain regular practices like suggested above can help ensuring that. The ideal approach of these 8 practices while using disinfectants can bring about great results and can successfully reduce the number of germs in your workplace.

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