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Can Disposable Gloves Be Reuse and Washable

Can Disposable Gloves Be Reuse and Washable

Disposable Gloves

Disposable gloves are designed to be used once only and then thrown out. The purpose of wearing gloves is to reduce the risk of cross-contamination. These are especially useful in food preparation services or medical settings where the user has to change gloves often.

Reusable Gloves

The disposal gloves are generally thinner than reusable gloves. If someone is looking for a reusable thing, then rubber gloves are a great choice to make. Reusable gloves are ideal for standing up to hot water and harsher chemicals because they are more durable and firm. They require cleaning after use.

Are Disposable Gloves Reusable?

According to researchers, ideally, disposable Gloves not be used again in any form. Any method used to clean them, from washing to decontamination to reprocessing, can compromise their impact. However, some cleaning methods may effectively eliminate disease-causing microorganisms but, that others are ineffective.

# Methods

In some cases, it has observed that people reuse the gloves by turning them inside out, which is the worst thing to do. It transfers the germs on the outside of the gloves straight away onto the hands. That completely defeats the purpose of gloving. In certain studies, it has already that liquid containing 4% alcoholic based Chlorhexidine eliminates all harmful microorganisms effectively, up to 9-10 times. But, this can cause in dissolving of the plastic in the gloves. That would lead to a compromise in the protective nature of the glove.

◦ Guidelines

So, rather than looking for ways of reusing the disposable, not an appropriate way to handle the situation. One should follow some of the following guidelines.
  • Stop the overuse. Avoid wastage.
  • Follow clear rules of when they should dispose of and when discarded.
  • Avoid contamination of the inner surface with the outer one.
  • Decide on the number of the process a glove can go through.
  • Inspect gloves for visible holes, discolouration, change in shape or texture and check for air leakage.
  • Sanitise while the gloves are on the hands but not when used for medical or hazardous chemicals purpose.
  • Under extreme circumstances, consider double gloving when using reprocessed gloves, if possible.

◦ Bottom Line

Disposable gloves are intended to be for single-use and can increase the risk only if not used correctly. Disposable gloves come in various form- latex, nitrile, vinyl and rubber. By no means they can be reused except for those rubber ones but need to be handled carefully as proper cleaning is a must after use.
Due to the pandemic period, there is a shortage of gloves and other disposable items in the market. So, everyone has to be a lot more concerned about the current and future situations. Therefore, all non-reusable and non-recyclable things should only be used only in an unavoidable affair. They need to be used by medical personnel and frontline warriors, more importantly.

◦ Availability

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