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Brooklyn Equipment makes it easy for sellers to list products


How does it work?

In a nutshell we will list your products, store them in our warehouse, and take care of the order payments, fulfillment and customer support. All you have to do is set yourself up with our seller on-boarding team and get the products to our warehouse. 

1. will market your products for you. We have a retail marketing team with experts on all channels, from email to web banners, etc. We have a b2b sales team who reach out to all potential large buyers. 

2. will execute the fulfillment for you. We will pick your goods from our warehouse, package them, include packing slip and shipping label and mail them for you. We ship them to the customer in 1 business day while you sleep

3. will take care of customer support. Questions like: Where is my order? Why isn't it here yet? We will answer these questions.

4. will take care of all the payments. We can collect payments via credit card, wire, Paypal, Google pay, etc. We will send you your money to your bank account once a week.

5. will store your goods in our warehouse. No need to worry about where your goods are. 

6. will list your products the day they arrive in our warehouse. It could be as fast as the same day.



  • How much does it cost to become a seller on Brooklyn Equipment ?

It is free to become a seller. However for our services we retain a % of the amount sold between 10% and 35% of each order. 

  • What does pay for?

We pay for :

  1. marketing costs
  2. ware house space
  3. fulfillment work force and supplies
  4. shipping costs
  5. customer support team
  6. accounting and finance team
  • How is making money ?

To be able to pay for all of the above, retains 10% to 35% of the price of each sale depending on seller volume, pricing, etc. 

  • When and how do sellers get their money?

We ACH your payment for the products sold every week, once a week, on Mondays. 

  • What products can sellers list?

All products that are considered PPE can be listed on our website.

  • Who decides on the price of the products?

The sellers decide.

  • What if my product is big and heavy, do you still cover shipping and fulfillment ?  

We will discuss and decide on a case by case. In big item cases we may charge purchaser a shipping fee to cover fulfillment and shipping. 


To sign up as a seller please contact by email at

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