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Top 8 Sanitizers You Must Look At During COVID 19

Top 8 Sanitizers You Must Look At During COVID 19

Combined with masking practising social distancing, keeping your hands clean is essential in preventing the spread of the novel coronavirus and other germs that can cause the infection. Of course, washing your hands is the gold standard, but hand sanitizer is the only option if you don't have access to soap and water. As we navigate cold and flu season (and the further coming waves of the COVID-19) bottle of hand sanitizer is a must-have. But choosing the right brand isn't always an easy thing.

What is an Effective Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer is just alcohol suspended in a hand rub, which neutralizes germs that might be lurking on your hands, including the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends sanitizers that contain at least 60% ethanol (ethyl alcohol) or 70% isopropanol.
Coronaviruses (which also cause the common cold) are "enveloped viruses." That means that they have an outer membrane, which stops multiplying by alcohol-based hand sanitizers. However, a lower concentration of alcohol (or even contamination from another kind of alcohol) sanitizers could be ineffective or even toxic. Long story short: Check the alcohol percentage and buy from trusted brands, like the ones below.

Hand Sanitizer or Hand-Washing?

When you're at the grocery store or on public transportation, hand sanitizer is a great stopgap solution to assure your hands are as clean as they can be—but it doesn't replace soap and water. When you have access to a sink, you should practice thorough hand wash instead of just sanitizing, especially if your hands are visibly dirty.

Hand-washing is more effective because the combination of soap, water, and rubbing kills coronaviruses while also protecting you from other pathogens. When you gain access to a sink, make sure you wash your hands for at least 20 seconds as soon as you can, even if you've already used hand sanitizer.

The Best Way to Use Hand Sanitizer

Just like when you wash your hands, the CDC recommends that you cover your hands in sanitizer and rub them together until they're dry, which should take around 20 seconds. Don't forget to rub for as long as you can, and don't think of your hands as entirely clean after—still refrain from touching your face and others in public.

Got all that? Great, now it's time to pick out the best hand sanitizer. Below, you can shop effective options to keep you germ- and worry-free this flu season and beyond.

PURELL Gel Hand Sanitizer

PURELL Gel Hand Sanitizer contains 70% Ethyl alcohol. The most trusted and used hand sanitizer by hospitals. Clinically proven effective in maintaining skin health. Proved to kill 99.99% of germs on your hands to keep you healthy in the most demanding environments. It is with four nourishing skin-conditioning agents for a skin-friendly hand sanitizer that soothes your skin and prevents dryness.

MOXE Gel Hand Sanitizer

MOXE Gel Hand Sanitizer contain 70% alcohol. It is gel consistent with a fresh citrus scent. Great for bags, backpacks, purses and car. Put enough sanitizer in your palm to cover hands and rub hands together briskly, let dry.

WAVE Hand Sanitizer

WAVE Hand Sanitizer contains 75% Alcohol. It is a clear, colourless and fragrance-free gel that helps to reduce bacteria that potentially cause harm. Very Good for sensitive skin and leaves no residue. It also complies with all FDA requirements for hand sanitizer products.

SANZIDERM Gel Hand Sanitizer

SANZIDERM Gel Hand Sanitizer contain 72% alcohol. It is a gel antiseptic that kills 99.99% of most germs. FDA approved product with no residue formula.

CRAYOLA Gel Hand Sanitizer

CRAYOLA Gel Hand Sanitizer contains 75% alcohol. A pack of 4 bottles dispenses in a fun colour, encouraging kids to keep up good hand hygiene habits.

KIDS FRUIT Gel Hand Sanitizer

It has 68% alcohol. A dozen bottles pack comes in various flavours like lemon, cotton, grape, lime, melon and apple. That kills 99.99% of germs. Attractive packing especially designed for the kids.

Rhinestone Gel Hand Sanitizer

FDA approved contains 75% alcohol. It is not scented and is very good for sensitive skins. That leaves no residue as it is a clear and colourless liquid.


Available also in basic personal care product kit that includes masks, disinfecting wipes and sanitizer packets. The sanitizer kills 99.99% of the most common germs that Amy cause illness. Easy to carry and is super handy. Appropriate while travelling and also disposable.

All the above products you can buy from us at Brooklyn Equipment. Special discounts are on bulk orders. Assurance of quality with genuine products is guaranteed

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